We just recently discovered Flipside Hats, and already we are BIG fans. With a mission to reduce waste in the textile industry and give back to local communities, this is definitely a brand we can get behind. Unsurprisingly, our favorite picks are from the limited edition Pendleton ball caps, but there are a ton of other fun styles to choose from. Learn more about their story below and check out their limited edition Pendleton Collection.

Sometimes the best things in life happen when you’re doing what you love. For Flipside Hats, that’s how it started nearly 15 years ago when Kori, their founder, decided to make a hat for a good friend. Rather than buy new fabric, she re-purposed and transformed her green, cotton velour drapes into a birthday gift. Soon friends, friends of friends, shopkeepers and people all around Portland were asking about “those cool reversible hats.” So Kori spent her nights, between naturopathic school and residency, scouring thrift stores for recycled fabrics and sitting in her unfinished basement hand sewing the original Flipside Hats.

Over a decade later, they are still a small, family-run affair (and proud of it), but they’ve grown! Today, they source large rolls of abandoned fabrics from production and dye houses and re-love them into beautifully made hats. They sell to over 350 stockists and dealers around the country including cancer gift shops, natural grocers, and small boutiques. They’ve opened their first showroom in their hometown of Portland, Oregon, and have 10 employees who continue to believe in their vision—to sew USA-made limited edition, people and earth friendly products that reduce our impact on the planet and make people happy. What’s not to love about that?

Flipside Hats Mission Statement:

  • We believe in minimizing waste. More than 90% of our raw materials are recycled or abandoned fabrics sourced from production and dye houses, and carefully up-cycled into long-lasting, limited edition hats and accessories. By re-using the world’s pre- and post-consumer excess, we hope to do our part in reducing waste and inspiring the next generation to live large, but consume less.
  • We believe in giving back. We support local families and organizations by donating a portion of our sales to the communities we serve. We also employ regional production supporting local families and fair jobs in Oregon and California because we also believe that building long-lasting, local relationships is essential to creating a positive impact in our communities.
  • We believe in good design. Each hat is handmade by one of our skilled seamstresses. They pay close attention to each detail making sure every hat is timeless, durable and unique.
    We believe in our mission—to make limited edition products in the USA that reduce our impact on the planet and make people happy.
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