Confidence. Not just on your sleeve. Built into it.

Experience. Performance.

Reach new heights, in function and feel.

Wool is the only fabric crafted for the purpose, of meeting any purpose.

The versatility of wool is matched only by the diversity of its wearer. Whether you seek out harsh conditions, or find yourself exposed to them, wool is the time-and expedition-tested fabric to count on.

One Fabric, Four Seasons

You know wool equals warmth, even when wet. But a thin layer of American Merino wool is also ideal to beat heat. It’s breathable, wicks sweat, and helps regulate skin temperature in any season.


Naturally odor-resistant

At the microscopic level, wool fibers overlap like shingles on a roof. This keeps dirt and moisture on the surface, making wool easy to clean and odor-resistant

Moisture wicking and protecting

Wool pulls moisture vapor away from your skin before it can become sweat. And it can absorb more than 30% of its weight before it even feels damp. And it works the other way too, taking on a heavy dose of external moisture before you ever feel it.

Natural durability

Wool items last because wool fibers can bend up to 20,000 times before breaking. This durability far surpasses other fibers, making wool tough to tear and resistant to abrasion.

Always breathable

The air spaces in wool fabric insulate but also allow moisture to easily pass through. This keeps your skin dry and enhances your body’s temperature control.


“A lot of my climbing and hiking gear is all wool, because I can wear it for a week straight and it doesn’t smell.”

Jason Clarke



Wool is a natural safety choice for firefighters and the military because it is hard to ignite and won’t melt when exposed to flame. If you’ve ever ruined gear by drying it too close to a heat source, you can appreciate that wool is naturally fire-resistant.



Wool fibers have a natural crimp or waviness that creates tiny air pockets in the fabric. This, combined with its natural loft, keeps your body warm but also cool.



The wool life cycle is as earth friendly as it gets. Sheep grow a coat or “fleece.” In spring they get a shearing. This doesn’t harm the sheep, involves no chemicals, uses low energy, and produces no harmful by-products or emissions. In landfills, wool fiber decomposes in months and enriches the soil, versus synthetic products that can take up to 40 years to decompose.



No other fiber is a more versatile, durable, or reliable choice for all-season comfort, protection, and performance.


Today’s fine wool athletic clothing can be as soft to the skin as cotton, while being more water repellant, odor resistant, and far more versatile.


Climbers believe lighter is always better. They swear by thin base layers of American Merino wool because they breathe well and wick moisture from your skin, all while protecting you from any hot, cold, or wet conditions outside.


Wool is cool for summer. Adventure racers and America’s elite combat soldiers rely on wool performance clothing in hot climates because it breathes, has a UV protection factor of 30+, and is odor-resistant.

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