Our journey begins long before yours starts. Hand-selected, natural materials woven through a process, proven and perfected. Wool welcomes innovation, allowing mastery of both fashion and climate. Striking the balance between expedition tested and red carpet contemporary, wool is not fast fashion.

Confidence. Not just on your sleeve. Built into it.

Experience. Performance.

Wool is the only fabric crafted for the purpose, of meeting any purpose.

The versatility of wool is matched only by the diversity of its wearer. Whether you seek out harsh conditions, or find yourself exposed to them, wool is the time-and-expedition tested fabric to count on.

  • One fabric, four seasons
  • Moisture wicking and protecting
  • Always breathable
  • Thermal comfort

Luxurious? Always. Contemporary? More than ever.

Experience. Style.

Designers and fashionistas are experiencing a growing passion for American Merino wool. It’s shape, form, and drape, as well as its ability to hold rich and luxurious colors, provides a palate of both fashion forward and high function possibilities.

As today’s fashion houses blend couture with casual, wool again reigns supreme. Welcoming innovation, in everyday casual wear while still working wonders on the catwalks.

This season, no matter the season. Be it formal, business, or entirely casual, take the luxury and the legacy of wool and make it your own.

  • Exclusive and luxurious colors
  • A silhouette every tailor appreciates
  • Style in any season
  • Natural sustainability

Uncommon. And never ceasing to amaze.

Experience. Room and Home.

A home. Whether it’s a tiny apartment or a sprawling mountain villa, it’s an intimate and personal place. We spend our time and invest our emotions creating these unique spaces. And in return, we find comfort, welcome, and sanctuary.
  • Brilliant colors
  • Resilient beauty
  • Easy care
  • Fire safety

Experience. Wool.

With confidence on your cuff and control on your collar, enhance your aesthetic and elevate your performance. The versatility of the fabric matched only by the diversity of its wearer, wool is the only fabric crafted for the purpose, of meeting any purpose.

Over the river and onto the runway, take the legacy of wool and leave your own.