Experience Wool

Soft and durable, easy to care for, and always breathable – wool is the most versatile fiber on the planet. One of earth’s most sustainable resources, we invite you to Experience Wool.

The Benefits of Wool

The Benefits of Wool.

The most versatile and reliable choice for all-season comfort, protection, and performance. The benefits of this high-performing, dynamic fiber are unmatched.

Simple Care with Confidence

Simple Care with Confidence.

Follow these simple care tips, decipher laundry symbols, and master the art of storing wool properly for wool that will last you a lifetime.

Explore Trusted American Wool Brands

When you buy products made from American Wool, you’re supporting one of the backbone industries that our country was built on. And your support of the people who grow, process, design, and sell American Wool products says something about you.

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